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Man practising hong sau meditation technique

The benefits of practicing meditation surpass the benefits of practicing any other form of relaxation. Through the practice of meditation, it is possible to achieve peace and happiness and a person totally committed to it, regardless of the meditation technique, experiences total bliss.

Perhaps one of the immediate advantages of meditation is the ability to de-stress much more effectively. In contrast to other methods that promise the same thing, meditation offers a more permanent solution to stress, anxiety, depression, and anger, in addition to being a natural and healthy way of strengthening the mind.

While some people looking to clear their minds and their bodies from too much stress find solace in meditation, others turn to temporary and potentially harmful solutions like drugs. Drugs offer a short-lived release and end up doing more harm than good.

Different Meditation Techniques 

There are plenty of techniques to choose from to make meditation an exhilarating experience. Several online sites offer information on various forms of meditation available and the techniques to practice it.

One such example is the Hong Sau meditation technique. Hong Sau is an easy meditation technique that guides you through to tap into your inner strengths. Furthermore, this particular meditation technique is said to be a spiritual experience and a way to connect with God.

Hong Sau meditation technique states that breathing is the greatest barrier to attaining a deep state of meditation. While practicing this form of meditation, the focus is on breathing and only when the correct technique of breathing is mastered will it lead to a deeper state of relaxation

Hong Sau Meditation Technique

This is how the Hong Sau technique of meditation should be practiced; sit upright with the spine straight, but not uncomfortable. Focus your attention on a spot between your eyebrows. Breathe in till the count of eight and hold your breath for eight counts as well without looking away from the point between your eyebrows. Breathe out slowly till the count of eight. Repeat this process three to six times.

After the breathing exercise, breathe in another time and mentally say “Hong”. Then mentally say Sau (pronounced like saw) while you breathe out. The term Hong Sau means “I am He” or “I am Spirit”. Don’t control your breathing, instead, breathe naturally. You will soon feel that your breathing seems to be making the Hong and Sau sounds.

When you become more relaxed, feel your breath go higher and higher in the nose. All the while, keep your gaze at the same point between your eyebrows. Keep practicing this meditation technique as long as you want to or until it takes you to a deeper state of relaxation.


The Hong Sau technique of meditation is relatively simple and while it may take some time to perfect it, this form of meditation is perhaps best suited to beginners for this very reason.

When you feel fairly comfortable with this technique. Try to take your meditation to the next level by incorporating massage or any other relaxing enhancing remedies.

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