7 Most Comfortable Recliners – ( The Best Recliners For Back Support)

Everyone should have a soft and cozy recliner to get some well-needed rest in, its what you need and deserve after a long day at work. But you might hesitate to buy one because you have questions like these. 

Who makes the best leather recliners?
What is the best recliner to sleep in?
Who makes the best big man recliner? 

Dont worry, we’re here to help you. 

Finding a good recliner chair for sleeping or lounging in can be difficult. That’s why we created this list of the best rated recliner chairs of 2020. After thorough research and testing, we came up with a list of 7 models worthy of your attention. 

We’re positive that after reading our top rated leather recliner reviews and in-depth guide, you will have all the tools needed to find the most comfortable recliner at a great price. 

Price: $$$$$
Dimensions: 34.5 x 22.8 x 30”
Weight: 84 pounds
Material : Genuine leather
Max weight: 280 lbs

Ashley Furniture Signature DesignAshley Furniture Signature Design
Price: $$$$
Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 42.5”
Weight: 121 pounds
Material : Faux leather
Max weight: 300 pounds

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner ChairMAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner Chair
Price: $$$
Dimensions: 32 x 34 x42”
Weight: under 100 lbs
Material : PU leather
Max weight: 300lbs

BestMassage Wingback Recliner ChairBestMassage Wingback Recliner Chair
Price: $$
Dimensions: 30 x 27 x 21”
Weight: 55 lbs
Material : PU leather
Max weight: 200 lbs

Giantex Manual Recliner ChairGiantex Manual Recliner Chair
Price: $$
Dimensions: 35 4/5 x 25 3/5 x 39 3/4”
Weight: 68 lbs
Material : PU Material
Max weight: 250 lbs

Homall Single Recliner ChairHomall Single Recliner Chair
Price: $
Dimensions: 29.2 x 20.7 x 27.7”
Weight: 61 lbs
Material : PU leather
Max weight: 265 lbs

Barcalounger Relax & Restore ReclinerBarcalounger Relax & Restore Recliner
Price: $$
Dimensions: 35 x 36.5 x 40”
Weight: 78 lbs
Material : Polyurethane
Max weight: 250 lbs

Most Comfortable Recliner Reviews – Best recliners for the money

1. Mac Motion – Best recliner chair for back pain

Ashley Furniture Signature Design. Voted best recliner for back pain 2018

If you’re in the market for a recliner that will provide you with great comfort and yet look fashionable, then the Mac Motion is the chair for you. Covered with quality top grain leather and with a sand walnut finish, it will surely be a nice addition to your living room. With generous padding, the lumbar support on this recliner makes it a great chair for people who suffer from back pain. Just recline and relax, with the included head support there’s no need for a pillow. It’s truly the best living room chair for back pain sufferers.

A good thing about this recliner is that it’s compact and very versatile. You can even use it as an office desk chair. This recliner can do a full 360- degree swivel and recline to an about 45-degree angle. While it’s not possible to fully recline, you will find no problem taking a nap in it. A bonus is that it comes with an ottoman, making this swivel recliner have everything you need for relaxing after work.

2. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Best Recliner For Big And Tall Adults

Quality tall man recliner reviews

Ashley is the best made big mans recliner. In this lift recliner has style and functionality merged together in order to provide the ultimate lounging experience. Thanks to its dual-motor, you can with the press of a button make the recliner elevate your legs to ease your back.  It’s upholstered in high-quality faux leather, and this makes it very easy to clean as it will not absorb stains. 

For cleaning, all you have to do is wipe down the area you spilled on, and it’s done. Designed for support and comfort, it’s thickly cushioned and generously oversized to accommodate larger individuals. Plus, take into account that it can go into a fully reclined position, making it suitable to get a good night’s rest in.

3. Magic Union Power Lift – The best massage recliner chair

MAGIC UNION Power Lift massaging recliner chair

Magic Union is a motorized massage recliner and is the ideal chair for people with back and spinal problems. Its inbuilt heat system will loosen up any tight muscle and provide the user with an enjoyable massage. The Magic union comes with 5 different massage preset: auto, wave, pulse, press and normal. These functions will provide comfort, and the lift function allows the user to get out of the chair without exerting effort or experiencing pain. A bonus is that you can choose the areas you want to be massaged (back, lumbar, thighs and legs). This is one of the best massage recliners out on the market today. 

Is the quality of your intended recliner a big deal for you? If yes, then this is the chair for you. It comes with quality wood and leather materials that give the chair superior durability. It’s easy to adjust and setup and features a dual function motor that controls the recliners back and footrest. Its easily sent into position so it’s quite a good choice for those who have back problems. Featuring a very sleek and modern design this recliner can be used in your office, house or even garage, making it very versatile. Hence, you can use it for entertainment, relaxation, lounging and even sleeping among other things

Conclusion. It is the best recliner for lower back pain. However, there are times when the footrest does not stay up. A minor setback that shouldn’t discourage you.

5. Giantex Manual Recliner Chair

Giantex Manual Recliner. Sleeping chair for elderly

Things are not meant to be overcomplicated and that’s what Giantex takes to heart. This manual recliner is foldable, and can in a swift moment easily be turned in to your new favorite napping place. Build with a strong frame, this model can wid stain weights up to 250 lbs, making it perfect for folks who are a bit overweight. It’s has been generously cushioned to ensure maximum support for your body. The backrest is ok, not great, but the headrest does a phenomenal job in providing support for the neck and head.

The quick handle design makes sure you only need to press one lever to fully recline. Just push the switch and your backrest will recline and the footrest will go up. If you running on a tight budget, then this model is perfect for you.

6. Homall Single Recliner Chair – Best Budget Recliner

Homall Single Recliner Chair

Made with a “tall and big” design, this chair is once more perfect for those who need some extra space during their relaxing time. Upholstered with high-quality PU leather, this chair feels good on the skin and is easily cleaned or maintained (depending on the circumstance).

Aside from its standard position, this recliner has two more reclining modes: a partial one that is perfect for watching TV or relaxing, and a full one that is ideal for taking a nap. The wide and curved armrests are also perfect for you to make the best out of your relaxing time.
Featuring thick, generous padding, this recliner is comfortable while providing you the back support that you need. Plus, considering that it also features a very supportive headrest, you will be able to relax while preventing any further muscle pain.

7. Barcalounger Relax & Restore Recliner – Best Push Back Recliner

Barcalounger Relax & Restore Recliner

The BarcaLounger Relax and Restore Recliner Chair will allow you to value the vibe and look of cowhide without bringing about a significant cost. What’s more is that this upholstery makes it durable and straightforward to spotless and everything thought about unadulterated to see after chair.

It’s a chair that enables you to acknowledge the most outrageous resting with the objective which you may watch movies or sleep in your solace. The BarcaLounger Relax and Restore Recliner Chair consolidates an easy to accomplish handle that enables you to recline the back and lift the stool while in your solace.

Recliner Chair Buying Guide: Choosing the Type

most comfortable recliner

Before buying a recliner, you should know that there are different types of recliners. Each of these types has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and will provide you with an experience that cant be compared to the others. 

After this section, you will know the pros and cons of each type of recliner, as well as how they can benefit you. 

Traditional Recliners

The traditional recliner is the most common recliner type, they are also the cheapest. There are usually two positions to choose from, an upright or fully-reclined. The chair can be upholstered in many different types of materials such as leather, vinyl, and other fabrics. It is best to have a traditional recliner in a home or office that has plenty of available space. Most come with a warranty of at least one year.

Rocker Recliners

The next type of design is called a rocker and as the name suggests, this one rocks back and forth rather than sits in a still position. There are many different types of rockers available, and they all offer various features. They come in all fabrics and styles and there’s sure to be a model that fits in your home. They cost a little more than traditional recliners because they have more features and are made of high-quality material. Most of them come with a five-year warranty, and some even come with a lifetime warranty.

Wall Huggers

Wall-huggers is the best type of recliner for people who have a limited amount of space in their homes. They are pretty similar to a rocker recliner, but lacks some of the features and are also smaller. As the name suggests, they will fit snuggly next to your wall and yet still be able to be rocked or pushed back.

Push Back Recliners

Another type of design is the push back. This is a chair you can sleep in. You can find this type of recliner in many different designs and styles. Your foot and backrest will be pushed out synchronously when pushing down a lever while pressing the hands-on the armrest. This is not a fancy kind type of recliner, but perfect for those who are on a budget. A tip is to pair it up with an ottoman for optimal comfort.

Big Man

Just as the name suggests, the big man recliner is robust and built to accommodate big and tall people. The special design is made to hold more weight compared to the average recliner. This type of design is perfect for those of us who carry a little bit extra “honey” around the hips and belly. It’s the best recliner to buy for big men and women.

Electric Risers

Electris risers are the best recliners for the elderly, as an electric recliner contains a small motor within the chair that will lift you up or recline. This is a great feature for elders and people with disabilities, as you don’t need to make any sort of effort to get out of the chair. However, they’re a bit pricey, but on the other hand, if you want to be as comfortable as possible, then this is a feature to look in too. 

Important Things to Consider Before Getting a Recliner

what is the best recliner for your back

To be sure that you are spending your money wisely and buying a chair that will surpass your expectations. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing a recliner. 

The Size of Your Body

Think about the recliner as a suit. You want it to follow the contours of your body without being too tight. You wouldn’t blindly pick a suit and hope for the best, so why do so with a recliner. 
Ideally, your feet should be able to touch the floor while the head is resting against the headrest. So go and sit down in any chair, look at the seat measurements and add a few extra inches and you’re good to go.  

The Construction

How well your recliner is constructed will determine how long it will last. High end recliner chairs use heavy screws, as this will ensure that it doesn’t fall apart after a few reclines, and most important doesn’t injure you. 
Furthermore, if you’re desired recliner has an electric motor, make sure its a quiet one. There’s nothing more annoying than hearing a loud buzzing sound every time you need to make an adjustment. 
Make sure it’s well-cushioned. Look for recliners that are soft enough to be comfortable – but also firm enough to offer the proper support.
Last but not least, look for easy-to-use handles. You don’t want to turn your reclining session into a battle – so make sure that it is positioned somewhere that you can easily reach it.

The Size Of The Room

Recliners are great, but they’re definitely not small. So you will need to make sure you have enough space to store one. You can do so by measuring both the size of your space and the recliner itself. Make sure you measure the recliner while fully reclined. Some models may need a substantial amount of clearance, but generally, most recliners only need about 1 foot to 3 feet of space from the wall. 

Type Of Chair 

As you could see from our short reviews, there are many different types of recliners to choose from. The type of recliner you choose can either be beneficial for you or not. You want a model that is both comfortable and still will look good inside of your home. 
There are rockers, wall huggers, as well as those that come with special features. So, take your time and look at the different types of recliners available and choose the one you think you’ll be most comfortable in.

A few other important things to keep in mind


There are many brands that sell high-quality recliners. Some have been in the industry for a long time, while others have become relevant to the market in the recent years. When it comes to these types of chairs, the decision shouldn’t be based on how long the brand has existed. There are some very good models manufactured by less known brands, that will truly knock your socks off. What makes a brand great is the customer support. You should always look for a manufacturer that respects the warranty.


Don’t spend more than you’re comfortable with. Some recliners start as low as $100, and there are models that can cost thousands of dollars. If you have a budget in place, you know what you can and cannot purchase, and it becomes easier to narrow down the choices. Remember there’s always a recliner for your budget, so make sure you know what’s affordable to you. 


Comparing is very easy to do thanks to the internet, so take the time to compare three to four (at a minimum) models before spending your money. When you compare, you know exactly what is and what is not offered in the recliner. You can easily compare them online, and we have made this as easy as possible for you by reviewing the best rated leather recliners chairs available on the market. So make sure that you do take the time to compare before you buy.


What are other people saying about the model?
Consumer reports will guide you to the best recliner chair. Customer reviews are available online, and with them, you can easily learn what is to love and what is not to love about the recliner. There is no cost to read a review, and you can take advantage of as many of them as you would like. When you read reviews you’ll learn the truth about the model, free of charge. So why not use them to your advantage?

The Most Comfortable Recliner – Must-Have Features

best most comfortable recliners

By now you’ve chosen a type and thought deeply about the important things when picking out the perfect recliner. Now its time to look at some additional features you might want to have in your recliner. If your chair has all of these features, then brace yourself because you might have found the perfect recliner. 

Rocker Or Glide Base

Not every rocker recliner has an actual rocker feature. However, there are models out there that will still be able to rock back and forth, just like an actual rocking chair. Its the perfect option for new become mothers nursing their children or if you have trouble falling asleep.

Massage Option

If you can afford it, then I highly recommend a recliner with a massage option. Think about it: you’re sitting in your chair all relaxed, but you’re shoulders are a bit tense. With the press of a button, all your aches will be a distant memory. So why not take the chance and add this feature to your list.

Technically the massage will be more of a vibration, and depending on the chair, it might feel different from model to model. However, that doesn’t mean the massage won’t be comfortable.

There are many different massage recliners available. Some come with heated features, while others have predefined programs. The best massage recliners will offer both.

Ideally, your massage recliner should have 3 different intensity settings ranging from low to hard. It should also offer some predefined programs with a heated feature to warm your back.

Swivel Base

Swivel base lets you swivel around and pivot the recliner in any direction you want. You can turn the chair to have a conversation and later return to your original position. If the swivel is balanced enough you could even start rocking if you desire too.

Pockets And Holders

When watching a tv show or movie, having somewhere to store your beverage, snack and remote control can make movie night so much better. If you’re like me and tend “hoard” around you, make sure the model you get has plenty of storage.

Flat Lay

The flat lay is exactly how it sounds. With this feature, you’ll be able to go from an upright to a flat position in no time. You might think that every recliner have this capability, but most of them will only recline to about 45 degrees. So, if you want to recline in a flat position, make sure your recliner can actually do it. They’re perfect for those who want to be able to sleep in their recliner.

Usb Charger

Nowadays the recliners have adapted a more technical approach, even added the ability to charge your phone and laptop. Gone are the days when you had to rush to an outlet because your battery was about to die. Simply plug it in the chair and continue with your day.

Recliner Size Cheat Sheet 

A recliner that doesn’t fit you can cause unnecessary pain and discomfort. Getting fitted for a recliner will prevent unnecessary pain and ensure you’re comfortable in every position. That’s why we created this cheat sheet so you can pick the right recliner after your height. 

5’4″ & Under – If you’re 5’4″ and under, your recliner should have a lower and narrower seat in order to accommodate your body type. 

5’5″ to 5’9″ –  If you’re 5’5″ to 5’9″, you’ll need a recliner with reduced proportions to accommodate your height. 

5’10″ to 6’2″ – If you’re 5’10″ to 6’2″, you’ll need a recliner with a higher seat and taller back.

6’3″ and upIf you’re 6’3″ and up, you’ll need a recliner with a wide stance, deep seat and supportive back. 

No matter how tall you are, you should always make sure that the footrest is actually long enough, so your ankles don’t hang off the leg rest while you’re reclined.

Electric vs. Manual Recliners: Which One Is Better?

The main difference between a manual and an electric recliner is the use of manual force. The inbuilt electrical power mechanism adjusts the chair automatically, while manual recliners use a regular pull lever. Before choosing one over the other, consider these things first.

  • Cost: Manual recliners lack the extra features offered in electric recliners. That’s because of the absence of electrical components. However, they cost less to manufacture and are therefore cheaper.  
  • Maintenance: While manual recliners are straightforward and requires little to none maintenance. The electric recliners are more receptive to malfunction, due to the electrical components. That’s why electric recliners need more maintenance than a manual recliner.
  • Versatility: While manual recliners have fewer locking positions and don’t offer any extra features that add to your comfort. Power (Electric) recliners have a nearly infinite amount of locking positions and are easier to operate. Features such as heat and massage are not uncommon to find in this type of recliner. 
  • Lifespan: Electric recliners are much more durable than manual ones. That’s because they undergo less wear and tear making their lifespan longer – provided they are given the proper maintenance. 
  • Age: Electric recliners are arguably the best recliner type for senior citizens and people with disabilities as you dont need to apply any sort of force. 
In the end, both types of recliners have each its advantages and disadvantages, and it all comes down to what you actually consider a priority.

Health Benefits Of Sleeping In A Recliner

elderly sleeping in recliner

Most would probably say that a bed is the best place to sleep in. But that’s not necessarily true. Depending on your health conditions a recliner can be a much better option. Here are the benefits:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Anti-snoring and easier breathing
  • Improved digestion
  • Fights osteoporosis pain
  • Relief to your back
  • Soothing for the nerves

Don’t get me wrong  –  your bed is a good place to sleep in. But if you’re dealing with some of the conditions above, you might reap more benefits from sleeping in a recliner.

Dangers Of Sleeping In A Recliner Chair – Best technique for sleeping

When sleeping in a recliner, you need to set the heights right. The good thing about recliners is that most of them feature a footrest as well, allowing you to prop your legs up. If you are a pregnant woman or a person suffering from back pain, this is actually highly convenient for you.
You might also want to ensure that the recliner has the right bedding. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will also ensure that you sleep better throughout the night. It is important that you choose a warm blanket if you want to sleep comfortably.
If you need further support to sleep comfortably, you might want to use a pillow under your neck, and an extra pillow under your knees. Once your feet are elevated, you will get to sleep more comfortably than you would in a regular bed.
Ideally, to sleep better in a recliner, you should also ensure that your room is not illuminated and that all your electronics are turned off. This way, your sleep won’t get interrupted by any potential light sources.

Is Sleeping in a Recliner Bad for Your Back?

Recliners can be a hit or miss in providing proper back support. Most models will have the right cushioning for your back, but a few will worsen or even create lower back problems. 
It all comes down to if there’s enough support for the lumbar spine. To prevent your back from becoming tense, the recliner must follow your body’s curvature because the feet are elevated over the heart. 
Sleeping in your recliner is only bad if your lumbar spine doesn’t get the right support. You must, therefore, check so that the recliner has sufficient support for your back to prevent the muscles from being tightened.

FAQs Answered about Recliners

  • Are Recliners Good For Your Back?
    Recliners are very healthy for the back, just make sure that the model you’re getting has good lumbar support. This means that there’s no gap between your lower back and the chair. If your preferred recliner doesn’t have lumbar support it can cause lower back strain.
  • How Do I Clean My Recliner?
    You can clean it in the same way as you would do with other furniture. Start by vacuum your recliner to get rid of dust and other unpleasant things such as pet hair etc. Fill a bowl of water and use mild soap, and use a new cloth to wipe the upholstery down. Finish off by letting the chair air dry before using it.
  • How Many Positions Does A Recliner Have?
    This depends on the model you’re getting. A standard recliner will usually have 2 positions, while a more advanced recliner will have 3 or more. Depending on your budget, you can find recliners that will have an infinite amount of positions. Those are the best as you can adjust the chair upon your liking.
  • Do All Recliners Go Into A Fully Reclined Position?
    No, all recliners don’t have the capability to fully recline. Most can only recline to about forty-five degrees and sometimes more – but never 100 percent flat. If you’re worried about not being able to fully recline, make sure that the model has a lay-flat option. 
  • Is The Fabric Of My Recliner Important
    Different fabrics have their advantages and disadvantages. Microfiber breathes more than leather, but leather-like materials are easier to clean. Take a moment and think about how much the material breathes, how long you will sit in the chair and where you live. 
    It might also be useful to think about who will use the chair. For example, do you have children who might stain your chair? If you predict that food or drinks are going to stain your chair, then materials like leather will be much easier to maintain.
  • Can sleeping in recliner help sleep apnea?

Most Comfortable Recliners Comparison Chart


Mac Motion Chairs$$$$$34.5 x 22.8 x 30”84 poundsGenuine leather280 lbs
Ashley Furniture Signature Design$$$$40 x 35 x 42.5”121 poundsFaux leather300 pounds

MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner Chair
$$$32 x 34 x 42”Under 100 lbsPU leather300lbs
BestMassage Wingback Recliner Chair
$$30 x 27 x 21”55 poundsPU MaterialUp to 200 lbs
Giantex Manual Recliner Chair$$35 4/5 x 25 3/5 x 39 3/4”About 68 poundsPU Material250 lbs

Homall Single Recliner Chair$29.2 x 20.7 x 27.7”61 poundsPU leather265 lbs


Recliners are a popular way for many to unwind and relax after a long hard day. They’re comfortable, versatile and great at reducing stress.

As you could see in our short reviews, Some recliners are very versatile and come with features such as massage, flat lay, etc. Remember that choosing the most comfortable recliner for you will depend on what you actually consider a priority.

If you don’t like the certain features of a model, there is sure to be an option out there that meets your specifications. Regardless of their features, you should never buy one purely based on their looks. If they’re stylish but have bad features, they won’t do you anything good.

Now that you know the pros and cons of owning a recliner, you can now make an informed decision. If you forgot which recliner is the best, then make sure to read our recliner reviews again.